Texas Tech’s Rawls College of Business – Offering Diverse MBA Options


Texas Tech's Rawls College of Business pic

Texas Tech’s Rawls College of Business
Image: depts.ttu.edu

Since 2005, Kenneth “Ken” Goggans has served as CEO of Manek Energy, Inc., an oil and gas production testing company. Ken Goggans holds a master of business administration (MBA) with an emphasis in entrepreneurship and finance from the Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech University, which offers a number of MBA program options to meet students’ unique needs and interests.

The Rawls College of Business offers an MBA tailored for students who hold an undergraduate degree in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, or mathematics) field. The program is designed to help students apply their STEM technical knowledge in leadership or management roles.

With a condensed schedule, the program allows students to complete the 42-credit program in one year. Courses include accounting, business analytics, economics, decision theory, finance, information technology, and management. Students can also choose from a menu of STEM-specific electives.

The Rawls College of Business also offers its MBA program in a part-time format for students with at least two years of related work experience. Students can attend classes one weekend per month or choose a week-block format, which consists of four one-week residencies in August and January. Further, the college offers several dual-degree MBA programs, allowing students to earn such degrees as a juris doctor or a master of science in biotechnology as they complete their MBA.


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